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We sell fake diploma, fake certficate, and we can replica any document for novelty purpose. We are unique, not just diploma mills or overnight diploma printing. We guarantee our product, and willing to discuss in any aspect of the job requirements.

Diploma printing service

    You can buy any fake diploma, professional certificate, and transcript from us! No shopping cart! We prefer to communicate with people to make sure you are buying exactly what you are looking for. We are the place where you can buy any documents from us!

    We have over 980 real universities templates over the world, and we can duplicate any document for novelty purposes. You can also send us your diploma design, and let us do the rest for you.

    We are aware that there are many fake diplomas or novelty diplomas companies around, and we have seen their products. Please notice that most of them are either diploma mills, or just give you a sloppy job. They don't care your diploma layout, paper, font, and seal. In fact, most of our customer turn to us after receiving poor quality documents from other companies.

    We love to discuss with our customers regarding the diploma design, and we can offer alternative options for cost saving. You should take some time to have a look at our diploma sample, seal, our print and diploma museum pages. We treat our papers as an art rather than an order. To be honest, we really don't mind if you don't plan to buy at all.

    With over 12 years experiences in printing industry, we know that it seems impossible to find someone that could really do the printing jobs and meet your expectation. This is especially true when you try to buy a diploma, transcript, certificate, or asking documents replication and diploma replacement service. Some people might think that diploma making take a day, and delivery to my door in the next 48 hours!

    In fact, drawing out a decent quality seal with detailed contour could take up a day, sourcing a particular type of diploma and transcript paper could take weeks. How about watermark printing? What do you think? We don't just type up your name, school, date of graduation and take your money. We care about your diploma and certificate more than any other and we have a high rate of return customers.

    In short, please do your research before coming to us.

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New Products & Services

    Check out our new products below: New Diploma Folders are back in Stock Now........ Using fake diploma guide..... Holiday Notice: Our office is scheduled to close from 22nd Sept. to 10th Oct., one of our staff may be available for answering emails.

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