What is next once you have a fake diploma?

If you are considering using a fake diploma to apply for a job, or any other serious use, please read our inside story for tips and hints!

It is our first booklet (22 pages), and we put a lot of efforts into it. Here is the extraction of a page.

The inside story is real. We find it is a MUST read. All these tips and hints you MUST know before using your fake documents.

You can purchase the booklet for $1.99. Payment is accept by Paypal ONLY. If you have already ordered our products, email us and we will send you a booklet for free, because we don’t want you to screw up!

Although we mentioned it is about using fake diplomas, it goes beyond this scope. You certainly need to re-write your resume, even making up your own references. We put everything together into this booklet, called Not Ordinary Career Handbook

Below is the context.

Part I : Diploma Section

1.1) Using my fake diploma – inside story
1.2) Five tips to avoid getting caught
1.3) 12 things you need to know and prepare before/during interview
1.4) What can you do if you get caught? Before/After hiring

Part II : Resume, and References Section

2.1) Fake resume? 18 rules to remember.
2.2) Rewriting your CV, experience, and filling up your time gap between jobs.
2.3) How about references?
2.4) Employer reference/background check
2.5) Lying at the interview
2.6) Again, what if you get caught?

Finally if you find this booklet useful, and want to discuss further with the author, please email johnpriess24@gmail.com