Fake High School Diplomas

Fake High School Diplomas

While US high school diplomas are generally not as complex as US college diplomas are, they still have a fair number of detailed elements that require precision printing from a company like ours. We offer 10 different variations of fake high school diploma templates, spanning across multiple different decades of attendance and regions of the United States.

What goes on a fake US High School diploma?

To start, high school diplomas are usually printed on standard parchment paper that resembles the look of a traditional diploma. Some higher learning universities and other organizations will deviate from the norm with their materials, but high schools are relatively consistent across the country.

Past the paper used, you’ll find all of the traditional diploma elements, like seals, insignias, stamps, signatures, lettering, and images. While most high school diplomas are relatively simple, we do offer the more complex ones to ensure we can cater to everyone out there who needs a diploma.

Turnaround Time: After payment has been received, your proof should be ready within 12 hours if “Design Review” option has been selected. We will email you a proof for approval. Printing will usually take one day.

Delivery: To North America will usually take 5-10 workings days. Tracking number will be provided. If you need it in rush, we can send you a PDF version within a day before mailing it to your home address.

Browse below to find the style that suits your needs the best. Feel free to contact us along the way with any questions – you can expect a reply within 12 hours.