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Whether you are looking for a fun novelty diploma, or a replica for other purposes, we can help you find the fake diploma which best suits your needs, then have it custom printed and delivered to you quickly.

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No detail is too small for Buy Diploma Online to perfect. The card stock, seals and lettering are all chosen and executed to stand up to the closest scrutiny. You will be amazed by the accuracy with which authentic certificates from the most popular universities can be duplicated.

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Your Perfect Diploma Replacement

Has your diploma been mislaid or accidentally destroyed? Your own university or institution may have a high cost of replacement for the original. And who knows how long it can take to finally arrive. You don’t have to worry about a long wait or high price when ordering a fake diploma from Buy Diploma Online.

Keep Your Diploma Safe, Display a Substitute

Don’t risk your college diploma being destroyed by theft, fire or sun damage. Keep it stored safely somewhere else, while displaying your experience or skills with a diploma replica. Just provide a photo or scanned image that we can use for reference, and we can create any kind of diploma you need.

Credible Documentation

If you need a fake high school diploma, for instance, and aren’t sure what it actually looks like, you can just send us the school details and your name then leave the rest to us. We can create a custom diploma replica with all the relevant details, including an impressive seal, which will shine with an authenticity most other fake diploma suppliers simply cannot provide.

Beyond a Diploma

For further credibility, you may wish to also order novelty transcripts. With a fake transcript that is so realistic it could fool even the most astute observers, you can finally have the high school or college career you always wanted.

When you combine a realistic looking diploma replica with a top notch set of transcripts from Buy Diploma Online, you will have as close to authentic documentation as it is possible to buy.

Why Choose Us Over Them?

sealdrawBetter than the competition – period.
Your standard diploma mill does not care about quality – layout, paper quality, font, seal – none of that. They just care about sending you something, even if it’s an extremely poor product. Many of our customers come from these low-quality diploma mills after realizing the diplomas they receive won’t pass inspection. Unfortunately, they see this only after buying a diploma from them.

17 years of raw experience.
Printing a diploma is not like printing an ordinary piece of paper. Whether you need a fake diploma, or diploma replacement services, hours of work and very specific materials need to be used to make everything perfect. In the past two decades, we’ve mastered our craft, and we can take any one of our 990+ university templates to create you something that’s not just good, but truly flawless.

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Because of our unmatched diploma printing expertise, we know how to shave costs off the more expensive diplomas and bring them back down into your price range while still looking acceptable. Look at our diploma template page in the left sidebar for some real-life examples – you’ll see that we treat diplomas like an art, not just like a business. And we’re always happy to chat about your diploma needs, even if you don’t end up making the purchase right away.

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Producing a more complex fake diploma that can pass for the real thing can take anywhere from days to weeks. It’s much more complicated than just printing your name and the name of a school. If you’d like someone to rush your diploma and send you a low-quality print, go for the speedy option. If you’d like someone to put the necessary effort into your diploma so that it’s indistinguishable from the original, choose us.

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