About us


We are running a small business for fake diploma services since 1998 and launching our website in 2004. Our mission has always been simple: To delight our customers with the easiest, top quality, and delivery a usable documents to our customers.

We produces things much larger than just ink, seal, and toner on paper. We produces your success. We know that our printed material reflect you and absolutely have to be perfect in quality, and must be USABLE.

Our 10,000+ customers trust us because of our 1-on-1 way of doing business. We ask all customers contact us first to ensure we can provide the exact diploma or document you need. Other fake diploma sites will let you enter your information and send payment right away. Our approach is superior because you have complete peace of mind while ordering and you never receive something unexpected.

We are a group of printing industry people. Having over 20 years graph design, seal engraving, and printing experience, we are able to make the highest quality documents that are available in the market.

Diploma Inc Team.
30 May 1998