Buy a degree- pros and cons

In today’s world anything can be bought and sold in the market place. And so can degrees. To buy a degree means to get a degree without actually having attend the classes or paying the fee. With the income levels rising, and admissions getting tougher, to buy a degree or diploma has become relatively easier if one knows the right people at the right time.

Gone are the days when education was worshipped. In fact centuries before, knowledge was imparted through the word of mouth. Education was reflected in a person’s eyes and not through paper. But as times have passed, one depends more on the written word than what is said. Since the demand of a ‘paper’ degree has increased, so has the business of buying a degree. The sellers therefore, quote their own price to sell a degree. And these are sky high.

The need of buying degrees

A degree has got an extremely high value in the market place. Without a degree one cannot get admission to a higher institute and it also has effects on one’s job prospects. The better the degree, better the chance of having a good job or a good college.

Value of various degrees

Different degrees have got different rates. If the degree is for a good college in town, the price of buying the degree will be higher. For instance, to buy a degree for a good medical college would go up to few hundreds or may be more.

Similarly, if a degree has to be bought which is of an international standard, the price again would shoot up accordingly. A number of people also make fake degrees in the sense that all the details including the name of the name of the college written would be non existent. The person making the degree will also have to be extremely careful in crafting the degree so that no one gets exposed.


This has had an impact especially on the recruitment process world over, indirectly if not directly. The recruiters therefore have changed their process of selection students.  Earlier, a lot of importance was given to the physical degree. But today along with the degree, there are a series of tests which may be academic or psychometric in nature. These tests bring about the true knowledge that a person may possess. It has also made the recruiter’s judgment apt.

How and where to buy an online degree

There are different ways through which one can buy a degree. It could be through an agent or online. These operate very secretively as it may not be perfectly legal. Also, even though it is a flourishing business, it involves a high degree of risk for the seller and the buyer as well.

There are a number of agencies which have devised methods to identify and crack the fake identities but a person not involved in the process is liable to be fooled easily.

The business of buying a selling a degree has lowered the level of education to a great extent. It is not only a dangerous activity but is unethical well. Students and elders should strive to ‘gain’ education rather than just ‘buy’ it. A short cut method serves the purpose only for a short time and long term, such resorts are harmful.