How fake diplomas are luring people

The numerous degree mills and diploma mills have become more rampant and sophisticated than ever. The concept of a fake degree has existed since the beginning of higher education, but it was not as easy to obtain one, as it is now. The cutting edge technology and the booming e-commerce industries have contributed to the fake degree industry so immensely that you can now buy a fake diploma online!

You would be amazed at the number of websites that boast of genuine and high quality fake certificates from various reputed universities. Research shows that the Fake Degree industry ropes in as much as $5 million a year, making it a very successful business!

Why is the fake degree industry so successful?

A genuine degree needs a lot of hard work and dedication but along with it, we also need a hefty bank balance todiploma cover our fees and other course requirements. Not many can afford to get into a university and obtain a degree. Meanwhile, websites claiming fake college degrees – that seem real at $60 – sound very tempting.

Some people fall for the ‘accredited’ tag and try to get a certificate, while others are just looking for resume boosters to deceive potential employers. George Gollin, a board member of the U.S.-based Council for Higher Education Accreditation, said in an interview to CNN, “Generally, fake degrees are usually bought for economic advantage for people who are seeking promotion or seeking to get jobs where the employer wants them to have a degree”.

With universities being so expensive and exhausting, it’s not surprising that many opt for fake diploma over a genuine college diploma.

The pressure of getting a College Degree

The pressure of getting a college Degree has become more intense than ever. While a few decades ago, a high school diploma seemed perfectly satisfying, people are now trying to get a Doctorate Degree. According to the United States Census Bureau report of 2007, approximately 34% of Americans of 18 years or above have a college degree surpassing their counterparts in the 90’s. The percentage of Americans with a college degree is increasing rapidly!

On the other hand, people who feel pressurised to get a college degree to improve their professional and economic situations, are being attracted to the fake degree providers rapidly.

The Degree Dilemma

Even though it is illegal to issue a university degree without the approval of government agencies in the US and other countries, the problem arises due to the efficiency with which these degree mills pose as genuine.

These businesses are set in such a way, that it becomes a herculean task to track down the owners. Each day, they are improving and becoming so sophisticated that it becomes difficult to prove them faux; they carry an official seeming genuine accreditation. The irony being that the ‘genuine’ accreditation is bought from the accreditation mills.

Avoid the fake degree trap

Some websites declare that one’s past work experience can count as course credits while others demand a course study and assignments for a week. But remember to not get swayed by such false claims, as no university degree – let alone a Doctorate – comes as easily as a week’s worth assignments.

However, there is not a problem if you want to buy a fake college degree or diploma for novelty purposes!