A fake diploma for fun can only be used by kids playing pretend games. Sadly many Internet sellers of fake diplomas try to justify there malpractice by supplying lame excuses to the buyer.  “Use the fake diploma to cover up your bad grades and meanwhile work hard and get even better marks later.” This is the kind of lame duck explanation that most educated parents see through but it works on simple parents who do not know much about the tricks and scams of city life.

A fake diploma for fun can be used as a stage prop by children playing together and pretending to be doctors, lawyers or dentists. They can use the fake diploma for fun to decorate their make believe world. These diplomas can also be used by people shooting movie scenes in a studio.

A fake diploma for fun can be a great rallying point for a practical joke in the office. One can get a fake diploma in palmistry and read up a few books and set up shop in one’s cubicle during lunch time. Reading palms and telling stories about a person is easy if you use general phrases that can apply to everyone present, something like, ‘you are very kind hearted and a big romantic at heart.’ Or a line like, ‘ you have seen many troubles in your time but you are a hard worker and you will reach the pinnacles of success in your life time,’ or, ‘You have a secret love.’ This last one is good for everyone. Each one has a secret love and it can be for golf, fishing or cycling in the countryside. Such a popular pastime is hard to give up but one must own up to the practical joke before things get out of hand and people begin blaming you for being a fraud and a cheat.

A fake diploma for fun is usually custom made and one can order such a certificate for a parent’s birthday. The fake diploma for fun can say, ‘University of Life’ Award in excellence for the Best Mom in the World. A fake diploma for fun can state, ‘University of Chefs’ the best Bar B Q Dad in the County.

A fake diploma for fun can be a great crowd puller at fairs and fetes where a stall for reading peoples’ future through Tarot cards can be certified by a fake diploma from the University of Merlin. This can be prominently displayed behind the Tarot card reader. The Tarot card reader has to be someone who is fast at creating imaginative sentences especially when reading the fate of beautiful girls. ‘I see a dark stranger coming into your life!’ “The next boy you rub your shoulders against in this fete is going to be your future husband. Propose to him today!” All these activities using a fake diploma for fun should remain within certain bounds and there should be a responsible person like a teacher nearby to cool down nerves if someone takes offence at the innocent prank.

Therefore a fake diploma can generate a lot of fun but one must remember to stay within limits before someone gets angry or offended by the practical joke.