Get a Fake Diploma

People want to get a fake diploma for many reasons, for funs, hanging on wall, memoriable thing, replacement due to accident, school closed, no money to continue, self esteem, or more serious reason… there are ways too many, and we usually don’t bother to ask. Please read all the below before get your diploma online.

We have a customer bought a diploma for his grand who was graduated in one of the high Get Fake Diplomaschool near Boston at 1947. Some customers either working or travelling in a foreign country and want to settle there but they need a paper for a reference. We receive email every months saying want to be our agent for a particular country/region…. much more! We do enjoy talking to our customers and knowing their needs. Although it is still a business, but special arrangement is possible.
To get diplomas, you need to prepare the following.

1) School detail,
2) Major of Studies,
3) Date of Graduation,
4) Delivery Address.

If you want a fake college transcript, you better provide a course list with the below details.

1) Date of Birth
2) SSN, or Student No.
3) Course No., Course Name, Grade, Credit hours.
4) Breakdown into Semesters
5) Semester GPA, Cummlative GPA (we can calculate this for you)
6) Transfer credit if any
7) Address while in School (optional)
8) Transcript Issue or Print date
9) Transcript issue to whom, student?

Once you got those information, and you need to find a reliable fake diploma company. So the question now is how could you find one? This is a tricky one, and you need to ask yourself what kind of diploma and/or transcript you are looking for? Many companies provide fake diploma services over the internet, and you should be able to find a diploma company and we are not going to cover here.

A fake diploma can cost as low as $69 to a sky high price and can really out of your budget depending on the design. For example, if you need a custom hologram, you might end up to pay at least $750. For those who can’t afford may step back for a generic hologram like sticker.

There is one thing people usually miss is the post sales support or after sales service. We am not talking about reprint due to mistake (business ethics), but a piece of advice, experience sharing, or basically what is next? We have an article cover those issues, and you can have a look at using a fake diploma. Second, some people might want to change some of the information on their novelty diploma, ie. major, date of graduation, may be let say few months after purchased. Does the company offer you a very cheap price for this? For us, we can do this since we already have everything ready, and it should be counted as a re-print!

To sum up, it is not hard to get a fake diploma on the internet and there are many websites around. All you need to do is to do some research and really discuss with their staff before ordering. Try to avoid getting a fake diploma without emails exchange, or just using their automate check-out and payment gateway.