Get a Fake University Diploma

In order to get a good paying job, a person must have a college degree. There are those who will purchase a fake university diploma to pad their resume. There have been fake degrees around for many years, but the internet makes it much easier to obtain one. It has been estimated that more that 100,000 fake degrees are sold in the United States yearly. A third of these are postgraduate degrees. A person looking to pad their resume will need to spend about $1,000 to purchase one of these.

The places that will sell these degrees to unqualified individuals are known as diploma or degree mills. There is a difference between the two of them. A diploma mill will sell a fake degree from a real university, where as the degree mill will pose as a real university. The degree mill will give a fake university diploma that looks like it belongs to a genuine university through a web site that looks like a real school. The web site will have a place where a person can pay for their degree. This will also allow an employer to contact the “university” to ensure the degree is real.

There are degree mills that give a degree based on life experience, but others may require at least a weeks worth of coursework before giving out a master’s degree. The course work is set up for the person purchasing the degree’s benefit. This will help them believe that they have earned their degree. Some people may convince themselves that they are getting the real thing, but just about everyone knows that they are obtaining a fake university diploma.

The person purchasing the diploma sees this as an easy way to improve their job prospects. These degrees are purchased by people from all walks of life. There have been reports of practicing medical doctors who have purchased medical degrees. These doctors have been put in jail after purchasing the degree for $10,000.  It is illegal to issue a university degree without the approval of a government agency, but the way degree mills are set up it is nearly impossible to find out who is running the operation. The degree mills are becoming more sophisticated as time goes on. Some will even carry an accreditation, which will make it appear to be a real university. These accreditations are often handed out by an accreditation mill. With these fake accreditations, it makes it harder for employers and authorities to spot the fake university diploma mills.

Employers can safe guard themselves against fraudulent individuals. There are government run websites that will tell a potential employer whether or not the university is accredited. In the case of diploma mills, the employer will have to verify with the university that the person actually went to school and received their diploma. If the advanced degree should have a written thesis, then they individual should be able to produce a copy. If they are unable to produce contact details for their student advisor, then the employer should remain suspicious.