How to Make a Fake Diploma

A fake diploma is easy to create, if the right materials and technique are used. A fake diploma can be used at a graduation party for a little fun or for display to hide the original copy of diploma of the student in a home. Whatever the reason, a fake diploma maker is a must to get started creating a customized diploma. Below is a small guide as to how to make a fake diploma by using a fake diploma template and considering the features of a standard diploma.

Getting Started

To begin, an examination of different types of diplomas must be done. Diplomas from different individuals should be inspected to see the differences. Diplomas will differ based on the school or origin as well as the degree earned. From high school to graduate degrees and master’s degrees, diplomas will have a different paper and design. By viewing several options, the differences can be seen to help learn the best way to create the copy of diploma. Differences can include the type of paper used, the ink, seals and size of diploma.

Gathering Materials

After viewing several different diplomas for research purposes, materials will need to be gathered. Card stock, heavyweight paper or parchment is needed to create the new diploma. A fake diploma template will then be used on the paper to create the new one. The fake diploma maker will be able to create an authentic looking diploma by using the heavier paper, which can be found at local craft stores or ordered online. The shade of paper should also be considered cream and white are both used in creating standard diplomas. The paper should match the school of choice when using a fake diploma template.

Setting Up The Creation Process

Once you are prepared to create the diploma, a computer program will need to be used. Such options as Adobe Photoshop work well to create the diploma. If programs are limited, Paint in Microsoft can also be used. One making a fake diplomaoption for creation of a fake diploma is a simple scan. Use a real diploma and scan the item to create a fake diploma template. Fill in the information with your own to make the item look authentic. Remember you are using thicker paper, so the diploma will not only look real but feel real as well.

Beginning from Scratch

A fake diploma template can be viewed online by simply choosing the school of choice and finding an example of a diploma. Once this is done, a diploma can be created from scratch. To get started, the school’s name needs to be typed at the top of the page, using the same font style. The name of the diploma recipient will need to go on a line that is located near the bottom of the page. Below that will be the degree program and the type of degree earned.

Below this information will be the name of the principal or dean as well as the secretary of the school or college. A fake signature will need to be added to this area of the diploma. The hard part will now be finding a copy of the official seal of the school. Usually, the seal can be found on the school website or from an official diploma. The seal will need to be printed on a separate paper. When both the fake diploma and the seal have been printed, the seal will need to be placed at the bottom of the diploma. This will make the diploma look more authentic as with standard diploma’s the seal is added after the diploma has been printed. Alternatively, you can purchase some seal or emblem sticker from paper craft shops.

A fake diploma maker who wants a truly authentic looking fake diploma, will need to track down an original diploma. The copy of diploma can then be used to create the new diploma. This allows for better authenticity when creating a new document.

There are several skills that can be of benefit when trying to create a fake diploma. Computer and Photoshop skills are essential when creating a diploma from scratch. Calligraphy or copying penmanship are perfect skills when filling in the lines of the diploma from the receiver’s name to the principal and secretary of the school.