Where to Buy a Fake BTEC & Edexcel Certificate from?

Formed in 1984 with the merge of the Business Education Council and Technician Education Council, BTEC made it possible and easier for individuals to enroll in the various technical and vocational courses offered and gain their certifications and diplomas, after completion of the courses. The subjects available on this course are;

  • Animal Care
  • Business
  • Art and Design
  • Construction
  • Engineering
  • IT and Computing
  • Health and Care
  • Vehicle Technology
  • Sport
  • Media, Music, & the Performing Arts
  • Public Services
  • Travel and Tourism Management; etc

In the 1990’s, Edexcel was formed by the merger of two bodies, the BTEC and ULEAC. Edexcel is a private owned examination board in the UK. Edexcel, formally known as Pearson Education

Why Do People Usually Take A BTEC or Edexcel Certification?

HNC in 70sThe number one reason why people opt for this certification is that this is purely a vocational/technical course of study. So it opens doors of employment in a number of industries, as the certification is recognized by a wide range of them.

Another important reason is that professional bodies overlook the fact that individuals holding a BTEC or Edexcel certificate don’t meet some of their own standards and qualifications, which means that they would still get the job.

The last reason, which is one that attracts people the most is that a BTEC/Edexcel certification, allows individuals a chance to demonstrate their own skill and knowledge by working in a practical situation instead of proving their capability through a written exam.

In fact, this is exactly why people choose to have a BTEC/Edexcel certificate or diploma, while some go even as far as to have a fake BTEC or Edexcel certificate made, because as long as they possess the technical knowhow of a particular industry, going through the actual study and course seems only like a waste of time.

What Are The Benefits Of Having A Fake BTEC or Edexcel Certificate?

If you are an individual who already has some hands-on technical experience in a certain industry; but need a certificate to prove your capability to prospective employers, then having a fake BTEC or Edexcel certificate will help you. Not only will it open doors and employment opportunities in a number of sectors, whether in engineering, IT, Travel and Tourism etc, but also, you won’t have to spend the required time needed to get the BTEC certificate as you will have an authentic copy of the BTEC or Edexcel certificate instead.

So; whether you choose to buy a fake BTEC/Edexcel HNC or a fake HND, both types have many benefits.

Is There Any Difference Between a HND and HNC?

Generally, majority of the certifications that are provided to people upon completion of the course are either HND or HNC. There’s a little a difference between the two, but a lot of similarities as well. If you don’t wish to pursue a complete 4 year plus degree, the other and much more obvious option is getting an HND or HNC.

Both courses behave like under-graduate qualifications and are especially designed to prepare students for a specific career. When it comes to buying fake certificates, you will easily find both the types as well.

What’s an HND?

Otherwise known as a Higher National Diploma; this work related course is available for study by the higher education colleges in the UK. Generally speaking, a HND holds the same equivalence as two university years.

What’s an HNC?

Although the courses offered by HNC are nearly the same as HND, the only difference is that HNC is one level below the other. This means that a HNC certificate is the same as the first year of university.

What Are The Benefits of An HND or HNC?

Quite unlike other degrees, these courses focus more on technical and vocational education which is why such a certification can lead you straight to a career. Moreover, you will have the choice of either continuing with your work or opting for further studies at a later date.

You can also buy a fake certificate, in either HND or HNC, depending on your choice, as this will not only open many employment doors for you, but allow you to jump straight into a particular vocation if you already have some working experience there.

Here’s How You Can Get a Fake BTEC or Edexcel Certificate!

The easiest way to buy a fake BTEC/Edexcel certificate is online. There are a number of websites that provide this service, so all you have to do is find an authentic service that sells genuine looking, but fake HNC/HND certificates.

Of course, you would want a good quality product for the money spent, which is why there are a few things and little details that you must look out for, when you buy the fake BTEC certificate online.

The Credibility of the Website

 This is very important and mustn’t be overlooked at any cost. Most buyers make the mistake of thinking that their online Fake HNC HNDpurchase doesn’t have a direct link to a website, but it’s the other way around. Just think about it! When starting any online buying procedure, the person is required to provide private information on the website.

Here’s how you will know for sure that the website you are buying fake BTEC/Edexcel certificate from, won’t abuse the information given.

  1. Read carefully the website policy
  2. Read the disclaimer page

The Product’s Design

It’s very easy to buy a fake Edexcel or BTEC certificate online, that looks realistic in every way. The only trick is to find the right design. This has also been made slightly easy, as most websites selling fake Edexcel or BTEC certificates offer galleries where people can view the samples that are provided.

You will have to do a little bit of research as well, to see if the designs they have on display match with the actual BTEC or Edexcel diplomas and certificates. Fun fact: Since the 1970s, BTEC has issued three different versions of the BTEC HNC’s.

The Paper of the Product

The material is very important when it comes to determining the realness and authenticity of a product. In this case, the paper that the fake BTEC certificate is made of should be the same as it usually is. Special paper is sometimes used; even in the printing of fake Edexcel or BTEC certificate and diplomas, therefore before buying a fake HNC or HND, you must find out whether the provider prints it using special paper or not.

The Seal Used In the Product   

Another key element of a good quality fake Edexcel/BTEC certificate or diploma, this will provide a solid assurance of authenticity of the product. However, there’s confusion regarding this matter as the older versions of the real BTEC certificate or diploma will have holograms or seals, but there aren’t any found in the newer version. This is where you should play safe and have the fake HNC custom designed and printed, although this is a more expensive option.

The Signature Used In the Product

The signature is present in all HND’S, whether fake or real. How will you know whether the product can pass off as genuine? A good provider will never use the real name of a person, working at a certain university or college and whose signature validates the HNC or HND. Imaginary names are used, which is why absolutely no laws are broken when you buy a fake HNC or HND.        

With this information at hand, you are now ready to buy fake a BTEC or Edexcel certificate as per your need.

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