One of the top international exam bodies for business qualifications in the United Kingdom has been the London Chamber of Commerce and Industry. They have been in practice since 1881.There is a list of benefits of a LCCI certificate. Being a part of the LCCI will give you an advantage in international recognition and industry related salaries. There are students from over 125 different countries that will use the LCCI to increase their skills in the business industry. The LCCI combines the best of academics and work, which allows many students to use it to enter into prestigious universities and professional offices.

A person that receives a SPM Certification will be able to receive the LCCI certification. With a double certification, you are more employable. In order to obtain this double certification, a person must have a grade of 6c or higher on the SPM. A benefit of a LCCI certificate is the recognition you will receive from large and small companies. The ACCA and the CIMA will recognize the LCCI qualifications. The quality of the LCCI certificate is consistent in every country. The qualifications you receive will be recognized throughout the world. Adults as well as full time students can study and receive a certificate, because it is a flexible program. The short modules can be spread out.  There are a few ways a person can apply to receive their LCCI certificate.

If they are a full time student, they can apply one month before the SPM grades are released, which is an added benefit of a LCCI certificate. You can apply directly or via the post office with the LCCI International Qualifications offices. You can apply at one of the LCCI International Qualifications training centers. When you are applying for your certificate, you have to send in a copy of your SPM result slip, a copy of your ID copy, and $25 for the processing fee. There are five levels of qualifications for the certificate. The higher the level of the qualification the more skills that the student gains. These levels allow each student to asses what they will need in their careers. The potential employer can also gauge what skills the person has gained. A benefit of a LCCI certificate is the various qualifications a person has that will help to determine just what job they are suited for in a company.

Each level will help prepare you for the next level. The preliminary level prepares you for level one and builds your confidence while doing so. Level 1 will improve the basic knowledge and skills you have in your field of choice while preparing you for the next level. Level 2 will increase your skills and understanding as well as teach you how to solve straight forward tasks. Level 3 will help in developing your knowledge, understanding, and skills at a more detailed level. This benefit of a LCCI certificate will help you to use what you have learned in more complex tasks and situations. Level 4 will give you the skills to become a specialist in your chosen field.