Diploma Templates

A diploma template is what’s used to create your fake diploma. It’s the most important part of the process. If a seller has templates that are identical to your desired diplomas, you’ll get an A+ novelty version that can pass as the real thing. If the templates aren’t identical, your diploma will be laughable, and it won’t stand up to scrutiny from up close or afar.

What you’ll find on a standard diploma template.

Unique paper. You probably can’t find diploma paper at your local office supply store. Specialty paper is needed, and although parchment paper is common, many schools and universities get modified, non-stock versions that may contain different materials or dyes to stand out from the crowd and prevent easy duplication.

Images. Some diplomas will have an image that represents the school or institution; some won’t. Diplomas with images are often harder to print because of the detail required to print the image in high resolution. If the image is blurry, the diploma is ruined. 300 DPI (dots per inch) is the minimum resolution needed, although higher is preferred.

Lettering & ink. Most diplomas will use one or two different fonts. Sometimes, these fonts are custom; and other times, they’re basic fonts you can download for free online. The ink used can vary in type, color and even texture (how it feels when you run your fingers over it) – using standard printing ink will not result in a passable diploma, or even close to it.

Signatures. Every diploma will usually be signed by the president of the college or organization, the board of trustees, and in the case of schools specifically, the dean. These signatures will almost always be printed by machine because of the sheer number of diplomas that are given out every year. Diploma templates usually come with blank spaces for the signatures or an option to upload your own custom signature.

Seals. The seal is what makes a diploma look official. Seals are almost always gold or silver and can vary wildly in types of material used. Some diplomas even have seals that come off of the paper, making standard printing ineffective once again. The seal is the hardest part of the diploma to replicate because each one is incredibly intricate and completely customized to the school or organization it represents.

The 2 differences between a good and bad diploma template.

  1. Direct copy, or look alike? Always make sure the seller has the exact template the school or organization is using with its diplomas. If the template isn’t exact – maybe certain elements, seals, or signatures are missing – then the template shouldn’t be used, period.
  2. Exact printing materials, or just element locations? It’s easy to take a HD picture of a real diploma and create a template like that. But with that approach, you lack the actual materials used in the printing. Using incorrect materials is a surefire way to make your diploma look fake.

Here at our company, we have direct copies of the diplomas you need, and we print with the right materials – we never “guess” like other diploma sellers do.

Keep reading to learn about the history of diploma templates and why yours looks the way it does.

Free Template Downloads: All of the Templates You Could Ever Need!

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