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Don’t have a college degree?  Wondering if a fake college diploma is all you will ever get?  According to U.S. Census information, you’re part of the majority.  Only 28.8% of the population age 25 and older is listed as having a bachelor’s degree or higher.  How many have a master’s degree or other graduate degree?  According to this New York Times article from 2012, only 10.9% held a master’s degree or higher.

If you’re not familiar with the order of college degrees, here they are from lowest to highest:

Basic Degrees:

  • Associate’s Degree
  • Bachelor’s Degree

Graduate Degrees:

  • Master’s Degree
  • Doctoral Degree
  • Professional Degree

There are a lot of reasons why the vast majority of Americans aren’t degree holders.  Some cite college-diploma-style-12family obligations or existing work commitments.  For most though, the reason is money.  The College Board reports the average cost of tuition and fees for in-state residents at public colleges for 2014-2015 was $9,139.  Out of state, that jumps to $22.958.  That isn’t even counting room and board.  How many people can realistically afford that in a country where the gap between rich and poor is wider than ever?

But with career options severely restricted for non-degree holders, that doesn’t leave a lot of choices for those who need to find a way to get ahead and keep taking care of themselves and their families.  That is why so many are turning instead to fake diplomas online.  After all, it costs a lot less to just educate yourself at the library and present false credentials.  The thinking goes that not everyone can live with massive debt, nor should anyone have to just to get a good job

What About Fake Diplomas Online Free?

There are a couple of ways you can order fake diplomas online.  You can either buy a fake diploma online, or you can use a fake diploma generator.  The generators are fast and easy to use, and some of them are totally cost-free.  The drawback however is that the finished diploma you get is not going to look nearly as professional as one which is custom prepared for you by experts who know what they are doing.

Is Buying a Fake Diploma Illegal?

Technically, neither making nor buying a fake diploma is in any way illegal.  The companies that operate selling fake diplomas are doing so for novelty purposes only.  What is an example cdof a novelty use for a fake diploma?  You might want a fake diploma if you were performing a play or needed a prop for a production.  Still others might want to display or gift a fake diploma as an inside joke.  Some people also order fake diplomas to replace real ones which have been lost, or order a fake diploma from a closed college.

Some companies will not duplicate exact school seals, while others will.  You should always check if the word “novelty” will be on your diploma as well, depending on your needs.  Using a fake diploma to get a job is of course illegal.  So be advised that if you are intending to use a fake diploma to get a job, there will be consequences if you are ever found out.  While many people feel that cheating to get a job is inherently immoral, many others point out that a system where poor Americans have no way to get ahead is also immoral.

Always read fake diploma company reviews before you choose a website to order from.  Quality is essential, whatever the purpose you intend to “use” your fake diploma for.  Go with a company that can produce a convincing replica for a reasonable price ($250 or so for a custom diploma is a good ballpark estimate).  You can also find a company that makes transcripts, letters of recommendations, and diploma envelopes along with fake diplomas!

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