Diploma Design


Design a Diploma: A nouvelle gift idea or a menace.

Nowadays a lot of people are opting to design a diploma, ostensibly as a unique gift idea or to be used as a joke or a gag. Unfortunately, this harmless activity has turned into a major illegal industry, wherein innumerable websites are offering to design a diploma to be used as a fake certification of an educational qualification, which the customer has not undertaken. These diplomas are then used to dupe prospective employers or universities or colleges.

These websites which offer to design a diploma in a 100% customized and authentic format requires the customer to first design a template for the diploma. This sample template is very important as it ensures that the details are being inputted to design a diploma are correct. This template will have details such as the customer’s name, the name of the college or university from where the diploma is sought to have been issued, the name of the course, extra credits and date of graduation and so on.

It is surprisingly how much customization and detailing goes into this work of design a diploma. In fact according to some enthusiasts for whom collecting a fake degree is an enjoyable pastime or hobby, the real fun in this is the process in which you actually design a diploma. Doing actual research to find out the nuances of a certificate awarded by a specific university or college is very critical and is also quite an exciting phase.

The key focus while one is in the process to design a diploma is to ensure that the fake diploma looks as original as possible. For this, another key component is the paper or parchment that is being used. Often makers of fake diplomas source the paper or parchment from the same suppliers who supply paper or parchment to major universities or colleges. This definitely ensures that the fake diplomas are of the same quality standards as the original diploma. Printing a diploma is also another critical step, it requires high resolution printing method or technology, ink-density, detail retention…etc. Those are very critical things.

The process to design a diploma should be carefully mapped out and the customer should ensure that the website or agency which has been in trusted with the work should be extremely careful as well. While designing the template for the fake diploma, there is certain key information which should be correct. One of them is the Name of the customer. One should remember that colleges and universities, without exception, always use the full name (along with middle name) to award diplomas. As such one should use the full legal name to ensure the authenticity of the fake certificate.

Similarly, when one opts to design a diploma, the date of graduation also needs to be correct and viable. Some customers even go to the extent of finding out the date of graduation for the current scholastic year of the university or college that they want their fake diploma from. The date of graduation should also correspond to the awardees own date of birth and age and should be seem commonly viable.

The moral ramifications of the idea to design a diploma will forever be debatable. But this should not deter people from having some honest fun and pursue (a somewhat) dubious hobby.