Terms & Conditions


By visiting and shopping at our store you agree to the following terms and conditions:

Our novelty diplomas and certificates are NOT intended to be exact copies of original documents. While our replicas are based on original designs, have similar fonts, wording, layout, and emblem placement, we adhere to both legal and technical restrictions regarding the levels of similarity to the original item.

For example, we do not use the real names of administrators or copy their signatures. Likewise, we do not produce exact copies of emblems, seals, and logos that are protected by copyright laws. Our emblems are of our own design and contain noticeable differences to the design, application, and printing techniques of the original documents.

Types of Document We Do Not Print:

We do not produce documents that are intended to represent MD, JD, LLB or DDS levels of diploma, nor will we print degrees in law, medicine, nursing or similar professions. We certainly will not produce documents that could empower anyone to prescribe any kind of medication.

We do not produce certificates or diplomas related to aeronautics, flying an aircraft, driving a bus or a train, military-related, or have anything to do with securing public interest.

We do not produce texts that are related to public accounts, real estate transactions, health and safety, financial consulting or any kind of government certification, nor do we produce documents that could be misconstrued as ‘certified’ or a ‘certification’.

Guarantee and Returns Policy:

We strongly advise that you do your research before placing your order. We do not offer refunds on our documents simply because they are in your opinion ‘not real enough’. Also, it is customized product and we can’t resell it someone else, hence. all sales are final.

Refunds Policy:

In the following cases, we are only too happy to give you your money back:

  • If we are unable to produce your document
  • If you have overpaid your order

Paid Orders That Have Not Yet Received Our ‘Proof’ Email:

Full refunds can be issued for orders that have not yet entered the production process. Please note that we usually begin creating your document within an hour of receiving confirmation of payment, so please email us as soon as possible if you wish to cancel your order.

Before the Production Process:

If you have received our ‘proof’ email but we have not yet printed your order we reserve the right to withhold 15% of your order value to cover design and processing costs.

After Completion but Before Shipping:

Please understand that we produce customized documents that are unique to each order. This takes a lot of work. If your document has been printed but has not yet been shipped we reserve the right to withhold 70% of the order value in the case of a cancellation.

Order Errors Policy:

We do not issue refunds for wrongly placed orders. If you have made a spelling or content mistake in your order we will do everything we can to quickly revise and replace the document, and reship according to your initial shipping preference.

Reprint Policy:

If we make a mistake with your order we will reprint and reship as soon as possible at absolutely no cost to you. If you have made a mistake in your order, or you have approved our ‘proof’ email but still require changes, additional reprint fees will apply.

We allow 14 days from receipt of your order for notifications of misprints, or reprint requests. After 14 days all order- related information is deleted to protect your personal information. After this time, documents that require revisions or reprints need to be created from scratch.

Shipping Policy:

Please ensure you are available to sign for your order in person during your requested delivery window. In the case of third-party signatures, we can no longer accept responsibility for successful and correct deliveries.

Our refund policy does not cover third-party shipping errors, damages, or late delivery. Once your order leaves our premises it is outside our area of control. If, for whatever reason, the shipper (UPS, DHL, USPS) fails to deliver your order then the shipper is responsible for any claims of reimbursement.

Delivery Fees:

Courier delivery fees for UPS, or DHL on unshipped orders will be refunded in full.

Credit Card Policy:

We have strict policies in place to protect both you and us from credit card fraud. When you pay by credit card we will only ship your order to the name and billing address of the person associated with that account. Upon delivery, you will be asked to sign a proof of receipt. Please make sure the information you give is the same as on your shipping, billing and payment form.

Cancellations Policy:

We will cancel any unpaid orders automatically in two weeks.

Dispute & Fraud Policy

We are a hard working company and we’re committed to treating our customers fairly and with the respect they deserve. We pride ourselves on creating unique, custom products of the very highest quality and we hold dear to the belief that the vast majority of people are good, decent and honest.

But we also know that unfortunately, there are a few bad apples out there.

In the past, we have had customers who have attempted to return their orders after they have copied them. Or they have simply denied a valid charge. And it is to these individuals, and others like them that we find ourselves compelled to administer the following warning:

Attempting to deny a valid charge through your bank or credit card company is an illegal and fraudulent act.

Like everything in life, something that is good for many is sometimes spoiled by the actions of a few selfish individuals. Due to fraud attempts we have experienced in the past, we find ourselves with no other choice but to issue the following warning.

Any attempt to dispute or deny a valid charge (chargeback) will result in the following:

You will be sent an invoice for the amount you confirmed in your order email. Copies of the invoice will also be sent to your bank and your credit card company. The invoice will contain the following information:

  • The original charge amount plus a $30 dispute-processing fee.
  • The name of the website where you carried out your purchase.
  • Your IP address, the date and time you placed your order.
  • A description of the product or products you ordered.
  • Examples of files or pictures of the product you ordered.

If the invoice is not paid within two weeks then we are sorry but our collaboration is at an end. We will have no alternative but to allow your details and order information to be passed to a third-party debt collecting agency who will then guide you through the payment process. Please remember we did everything we can to avoid such a situation and we wish you luck with all your future endeavors.

In Conclusion:

We want your experience with us to be a happy one and we make great efforts to ensure our customer service is second to none.

If for example, we make a spelling mistake or some other error with your order we will gladly revise and correct the product at no extra cost. We’ll also replace orders that have been damaged in transit; just send us a photograph of the damaged goods and we’ll reprint and resend your order as soon as we possibly can.

If you have any kind of problem at all, with our product or with our services, send us an email and let us know what we can do to make things right.

We value your business and we rely on our many return customers to validate what we do here every day; creating goods that excel even the very best quality standards, and providing our customers with products that give them complete and lasting satisfaction.