The Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) is a United Kingdom based professional accountants’ membership. Since its beginning, the “club” has gone to a global level. For accountants, there is a benefit of an ACCA certificate. There are 147,000 qualified members and over 400 thousand students. There are offices in 83 countries. The members of this association work in all fields of business and finance. There are some members that work in the public, private sectors, or for the government. If you are a member of this association, you must comply with holding a certificate, being insured against any liability, and submit to the occasional inspection of your practice. In order to become a member of the association, a person must pass 14 different examinations.

Once you have complete the exams and have three years experience, then you will become a member of the association. A benefit of an ACCA certificate allows you to place the ACCA after your name. This tells everyone that you are a member of the highest level of professional accountants. The certificate will help you improve your career, giving you the potential to earn a large salary. You can choose to work on an international level, meaning if you wanted to move from the United States to a European country you could easily transfer. You will have career flexibility. You can work in the business sector, public practice, corporate, or government sector. The global professional body has a reputation for driving global standards of professionalism, ethics, integrity, and accountability, which is a benefit of an ACCA certificate. Being a part of this association will allow you to have access to a range of technical materials and research. These and other resources are designed to support your continuing professional development.

You will have access to advertised accounting jobs posted by the top employers around the world. You will have access to accounting and auditing standards. You will get technical updates. You will receive access to online and face to face learning opportunities taught by the best professionals in the business. You will be able to further develop your accounting qualifications from ACCA as well as their academic and professional partners. Another benefit of an ACCA certificate is that other accounting agencies will recognize your membership.

After you have been a member for five years and completed your continuing professional development training, you will be awarded the title of Fellow. This title shows prospective employers that you have extensive experience and have made the long term commitments toward professionalism and ethics. If you are an accountant or are thinking about becoming an accountant, it is in your best interest to become a member of this association that was established in 1904. This prestigious association that has more than 8,500 approved employers worldwide will help aid your continuing development, and added benefit of an ACCA certificate, making it possible for you to earn top dollar in this field. This association works in the public interest, making sure that its members have the proper regulations.