Top Jobs for High School Graduates

There are far more jobs for high school graduates than most people think. The key is knowing where to look for the right listings and how to prepare for the interview process in order to secure these jobs. Below are top seven jobs that are available for people who are either high school graduates or high school level educated.

Travel Agent

A high school diploma or at least a GED is required in order to qualify for this post. In order to become a more attractive applicant, you might want to consider taking a vocational course or attend relevant training programs. It would also help to become more knowledgable in local as well as international geography, specifically popular tourist destinations.

Bill Collector

Those who have at least a high school diploma and possess excellent customer service skills (over the phone) can have a good career as a bill collector. It pays to be persuasive and convincing when applying as a bill collector.


A couple of years of highschool is more than enough when applying for a bartender job as long as you can mix drinks and have excellent people skills. While the base pay for bartenders can be as low as $13,000 a year, you can make more than four times that amount from tips. There are a number of excellent bartending schools that offer mixology programs that fully train people who want to make a living as a barkeep.

Real Estate Agent

Selling real estate does not require a college graduate. In fact, you can get your real estate license as long as you obtained enough GED credits. You will need to pass the broker exam to get a license, photobut once obtained, you have virtually unlimited income potential. Real estate agents work for commissions so a strong skill set as a salesperson would come in pretty handy.

Elevators Installers and Repairers

This requires technical skills that are not normally taught in most collegiate programs.  High school education  is sufficient to get hired as an installer of elevators or a repair personnel for independent contractors. It would be beneficial if you have a background in technical repairs, but there are numerous training programs from which you can learn the skills to become a hireable repairman or installation personnel.

Cable Installers

OJT or on-the-job-training is provided for cable installers without any previous experience. A highschool diploma is all you need, in addition to the willingness to work outdoors. The median salary for cable installers is at $30,000 per year.

Casino Dealers

photoHighschool graduates who are willing to work long hours and are familiar with popular card games such as blackjack, poker, etc can make a good living as a dealer. Minimal training is required, but you would also be provided with the basics depending on what the casino is looking for.

It is best to keep in mind that while being a high school graduate or undergraduate could mean slightly limited employment options, it does not equate to being unemployed. There are many opportunities for people who do not have any college education, as long as you are willing to be trained and/or gain other skills.