How to preserve and protect a diploma 

A diploma is the symbol of many years of academic hard work. It is therefore essential that we know how to preserve and protect a diploma. The typical fate of a diploma is to be framed and hung on the wall. This unfortunately is not the perfect way to treat a precious diploma. A diploma kept in a frame is prey to many elements which deteriorate its life. Dust, moisture and sunlight do somehow have their way with a diploma kept in a frame. It begins to fade and look old.

The best way to preserve and protect a diploma is by keeping it in a diploma folder. It is prudent to buy a diploma holder of the best quality, preferably of leather. The inner panels are usually of transparent plastic and allow the storage of many diplomas in one place with full protection from heat, dust, moisture and sunlight. A diploma is a prized possession and keeping it crisp and new shows a healthy reverence and affection for one’s alma mater.

A diploma folder with multiple leaves is ideal because there are many occasion in life when one gets rewarded with a diploma certifying the completion of a course, training program or years of service. It is nice to have all of these in one secure place. It also allows portability in case of an application and interview for a new job.

The ideal way to treat a diploma certificate is to have it copied by a good printer and stationer with the same kind of paper as the original and in colour. An amateur cannot tell the difference between the real and the copy. The copy can be placed in a wooden frame and hung in the office or study and the real certificate can be preserved in the diploma folder. This way one can have one’s cake and eat it too.

A diploma folder is available in many shapes and sizes. It is wise to use a diploma folder made of materials which do not interact chemically with paper. Good manufacturers make diploma folders with high grade vinyl or leather. The covers of a good diploma folder are padded to prevent damage through accidental heavy pressure. The inner linings are made of silk or long lasting linen. The diploma folder can have pockets and extra leaves for storing more diplomas. The outer cover can have gold embossing with the name of the educational institute awarding the diploma together with its logo in gold medallion form.

The usual sizes for diplomas range from 5” X 7” to 11” X 17”. One should buy a good diploma folder to preserve and protect the certificate keeping the size of the paper or vellum award in mind.

It is true that despite all our efforts dust and moisture get to all stored objects. So it is wise to take out the diploma folder and to wipe it free off accumulated dust and to air it for some time inside a dry room but away from sunlight.

These few simple steps can preserve and protect a precious diploma for a lifetime inside a diploma folder.