CELTA is an acronym for certificate in English language teaching to Adults. This certification is given by Cambridge ESOL which is governed by the University of Cambridge. It is a great certification for people who want to teach English to speakers of other languages. It gives one an opportunity to travel the world while teaching English. The way to get this CELTA certificate is to apply to one of the 286 approved centres all over the world in fifty four countries. The courses are designed by individual centres according to the guidelines of Cambridge ESOL. CELTA certification is also available online now.

CELTA certification can be acquired through a part time course which can last anywhere between some months to more than one year. The full time course can give certification within four to five weeks. The certificate is well worth the effort because it gives its holder accreditation to teach English anywhere in the world. The standard of education of an applicant for the certification should be such as to enable the learning of the lessons imparted in CELTA. The age of the applicant should be over twenty. The level of English of the applicant should be such that it enables the teaching of the language at any level by the applicant. The great thing about this certification is that one can apply without a formal qualification but the applicant should satisfy the CELTA certification centre about having the ability to complete the course. In this case the acceptable age is between eighteen to twenty years.

The best feature of the CELTA certification is that it can be acquired by people who do not have any previous experience of teaching. The certificate is also ideal for people who want to start an institute to teach English.

DELTA is an acronym for Diploma in English language teaching for Adults. Today it has been replaced by the Delta Modules. A full Delta qualification can be achieved by passing the three Delta Modules. The Delta Modules are meant for people who are already teaching and want to improve their skills. It envisages a higher level of teaching for the applicant and prepares the way for a higher degree like a Master of Arts. Delta Module credits are accepted by some universities in the sphere of languages.

Module one has to be cleared through a written test. Module two involves external assessment and also ongoing course work assessment. Module three is assessed through a lengthy written assignment which judges the applicants ability to manage a class and to teach specialist areas of learning. The Delta Module is available through the Cambridge ESOL network.