Diploma Mills

It is often said that there is no gain without pain. But what if somebody comes and tells you that you can change this saying, at least in education industry! Well that somebody would offer you a degree or certificate for any course you want. Hence making you believe in all gain and no pain! Let me tell you have just been duped! This is what diploma mills do! Now you may want to know what diploma mills are.

Well in the preceding paragraphs you will know all about the degree mills or diploma mills.

While fake diploma websites selling fake diplomas directly to you, a degree mill or diploma mill is an organization that gives students fake degrees and diplomas in the choice of their own trade for little or no money at all. They ask you to do some tutorial and a few assignments for the fake diploma so that you may believe that it is an actual and easy institution to earn a degree.

A degree mill or diploma mill is essentially a profit making organization which runs on the sole motive of trapping students and earning money from fdtthem. They don’t care about the future of the student. There is a slight difference between degree and diploma mill. The certificates issued by degree mills may be called ‘real’ and may be recognized in some states in the U.S but they would be from fake universities only. And the diplomas given by diploma mills are absolute fakes and counterfeits.

The diploma mills usually make their sites in the same way actual universities would make in order to lure more students and also to dupe the CHEA. The Council for Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA) oversees the actual accrediting agencies. Many such diploma mills often say that they are accredited by the UNESCO. However students should always remember that UNESCO doesn’t provide such accreditations to anyone. So don’t fall for such statements.

The most prominent characteristic of a diploma mill would be ‘no accreditations’. They may use words like ‘state authorized’, ‘licensed’ etc. to show that they have some accreditation. You can always tell the fake diploma mill from an actual agency by asking them about credential transfers. A diploma mill can never provide you with credential transfers. This point can save you! Trust me!

Another distinct feature of a diploma mill is lack of teachers and professors. There would be no teaching staff in a diploma mill. Even if you would be given some tutorials and assignments online, their correction wouldn’t be done. You wouldn’t be getting any tips for improvement. Plus you wouldn’t even get much study material. Some fake professor may just post some appreciation remark for your work.

The catch point of diploma mills is their fee structure. A diploma mill will ask you to submit the entire tuition fee and other expenses on a pre-degree basis and not on pre-semester or pre-term basis. Plus they would offer a ‘lifetime experience’ as an academic credit. Please remember you want a degree and not a lifetime achievement award for any credentials to show.

Beware of such diploma mills. Save your career. You may get a degree for free but you won’t get a bright career ahead with diplomas and degrees from such diploma mills.