Fake Diploma: Pro & Con to individual

You do not have enough money to go to college and earn a diploma then what would you do? Get a job elsewhere to collect money to go to college? Apply for loans, grants and scholarship? Or would you get a fake diploma and show it in your interviews to earn that job? Well if I’d have to suggest then I’ll tell you to take all the options except getting a fake degree or diploma.

Fake diplomas can be easily bought online through various sites. They can also be bought from degree or diploma mills that give students fake degrees and diplomas that students often believe are true. Fake diplomas are also supplied by trained people or should I say specialists in this field physically in return of money. But what is the use of such a fake degree?

The pros of getting a fake degree can be enumerated as:

  • Easily attained: a fake degree can be very easily obtained from online sites that allow you to choose the degree subject along with the college or dgasd-300x173university you want to choose. You can also select the design of the degree. It is usually given away for little money with no assignments or tutorials to be done. You get a lifetime experience as your academic accreditation. What could be better than that!
  • Less expensive: Fake degrees offered by online sites usually take money for delivering the certificate or diploma to your doorstep. They include cost of design and service taxes in the money they charge from you. This amount is usually nominal in comparison with the thousands of dollar fee that is to be given to a college or university.
  • Several opportunities: getting a fake degree is beneficial for people who have the skill and knowledge of a particular field but do not possess the necessary degree to validate the same. Some people have more skills due to practical exposure but cannot afford to get a physical degree and therefore can’t get several opportunities. A fake degree can help them immensely.

There are however several cons of a fake diploma as well:

  • Lack of experience: people who usually take a fake degree do not have the necessary experience in the field that they take a diploma in. This becomes evident in their work. In fact during an interview when a person with a degree is asked questions about the field then he is unable to answer them. Even if he clears the interview somewhere down the line he cannot prove his efficiency.

Fake degrees do not give the person any chance to get practical knowledge. Hence the fake diploma awardees usually lack the necessary experience that comes with the actual diploma.

  • Fear of getting caught: people with a fake diploma can be punished with expulsion from the job or even a fine depending upon the policies of the company and country. They can even be blacklisted in the future.

So friend depending upon your requirement and wish and keeping in mind the given pros and cons decide for yourself whether you want to go for a fake degree or wait like a law abiding citizen of the country for legitimate degree.